CNN Brianna Keilar's Questioning Makes Daryl Issa Twist and Turn for 20 Minutes Discussing Putin, ISIS, Muslim Islamic Extremists and Lack of P-EOTUS Donald Trump's Interest in Daily Intelligence Briefings

Not to be missed.  A former guest informed Keilar and the viewers that the Presidential Daily Briefing is more than a quick fact-list briefing as it includes conversations with intel experts who have background and who can answer questions from the President-Elect.

It was also pointed out that the briefings include potentially various opinions that are discussed, not all from one angle such as that General Mad Dog Matis might submit to P-EOTUS Trump.

Reportedly, P-EOTUS has had few Daily Intelligence Briefings to date, and not daily briefings as VP elect Mike Pence has had (many and daily).

Previous Day Reporting from CNN Correspondent to Keilar and viewers

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