Face of Dawn Alive 9,000 Years Ago in Mesolithic Period

This is what Dawn may have looked like when she was alive, 9,000 years ago.

The face of a girl, thought to be aged between 15 and 18, has been recreated by scientists based on remains found in a cave in Greece in 1993.

The silicone model was created using CT scans and 3D printing technology.

She was named Avgi, Greek for Dawn, because she lived in the Mesolithic period in about 7,000 BC, considered by some to be the dawn of civilisation.

According to researchers at the University of Athens, her remains suggest that:

  • She had a protruding jaw, which could have been caused by chewing on animal skin to make it into soft leather
  • Dawn suffered from anaemia, lack of vitamins and possibly scurvy
  • She could have struggled to move because of hip and joint problems, which could have contributed to her death

Her bones indicated she was 15 when she died, but the teeth suggested she was 18. Other features like skin and eye colour were inferred based on general population traits in the area.

As for her apparently angry look, orthodontics professor Manolis Papagrikorakis told Reuters news agency: "It's not possible for her not to be angry during such an era."

Her remains were found in Theopetra Cave, in the central Greek region of Thessaly, where objects from Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods have also been discovered...


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CNN Brianna Keilar's Questioning Makes Daryl Issa Twist and Turn for 20 Minutes Discussing Putin, ISIS, Muslim Islamic Extremists and Lack of P-EOTUS Donald Trump's Interest in Daily Intelligence Briefings

Not to be missed.  A former guest informed Keilar and the viewers that the Presidential Daily Briefing is more than a quick fact-list briefing as it includes conversations with intel experts who have background and who can answer questions from the President-Elect.

It was also pointed out that the briefings include potentially various opinions that are discussed, not all from one angle such as that General Mad Dog Matis might submit to P-EOTUS Trump.

Reportedly, P-EOTUS has had few Daily Intelligence Briefings to date, and not daily briefings as VP elect Mike Pence has had (many and daily).

Previous Day Reporting from CNN Correspondent to Keilar and viewers

CNN Correspondent: "The Only Thing Worse Than Perpetuating Fake News Is Denying Real News" That Russia Was Behind Hacks

Video ››› December 19, 2016 6:59 PM EST ››› MEDIA MATTERS STA


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Predicted Supporters of a Second Federal Constitutional Convention known as an Article V Convention of the States

Among well known names who support the Article V Constitutional Convenion, they like to call a convention of states... by no means yet exhaustive as of yet.

Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh...

See Sean Hannity who says he has advised such a convention after Mark Levin came out with his book, called, The Liberty Amendments during his interview with super supporter, Rep. Tom Coburn...


Ted Cruz reportedly added his name to supporers of the movement


Balanced Budge Advocates Seek Article V Constitutional Convention 

 03/28/2013 05:29 pm ET

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The electoral college vote isn't the only momentous decision brewing at state capitols today

The electoral college will gather in state capitols across the country today to cast their votes for the next President...

The process is usually nothing more than a formality, but the anti-Trump campaign has lobbied since the election for voters to cast their ballots for Clinton instead of Trump. Protests are also being planned at state capitols to speak out against Trump’s victory. Rarely has there been this much confusion or uncertainty surrounding the electoral college vote, and the drama will commence this morning in statehouses from coast to coast.

But the electoral vote isn’t the only momentous decision brewing at state capitols. Over the next few months, at least three dozen states will also be considering a resolution that calls for the first-ever Article V Convention of States.

A Convention of States is called and controlled by state legislatures, and has the power to propose constitutional amendments. And, unlike the electoral college vote, a Convention of States is a known quantity: dozens of state conventions have been held over the years, so we know what the rules will be and how an Article V Convention will function....



Heartland Institute expert calls for states to 'resist federal overreach'

Published: 07/20/2016 at 8:21 PM
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/07/trump-brexit-and-now-the-constitutional-convention-movement/#W30hS2UkMMz6cMUK.99


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